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When Does a Hobby Become a Career and a Lifestyle?

I have wonderful news. News that tickles me pink and makes me think. When does a hobby become a career and a lifestyle? I had been a software engineer, AV installer, web coder, videographer, UI/UX designer, and code breaker for 17 years. I lived in the matrix. I had to take the red pill this year. I had to get out of the matrix. The influence The Matrix had on my life was profound. Anyone in my generation I imagine would have been affected by it. This week starts my first week as a "more than part time" freelancer. And as a "more than part time" musician. I decided to take the plunge, jump off the ledge, act instead of speak, be instead of just dream. So I started off with a very busy weekend getting 13 photos framed and prepped. This is work done that I've not been able to do because of music commitments and other things going on leading up to this point. I had a very busy July with 8 music gigs, a couple photo commitments, and of course the day job. All the while preparing for my last day at the office of 17 years. The day came and poof that was it. There was no glamour, it was just a normal Friday. We had a longer lunch, and I left early. I went to Kewaunee and just took the beach life in for about 15 minutes. We had all prepared for this day. It wasn't anti-climactic, but it wasn't climactic. It was what it was, and is what it is. Three months ago I decided that I was going to make a change, and that I would start living life the way I wanted it to be. I always wanted to be a National Geographic photographer, shoot large music events, document the earth and it's life and since I'm not getting any younger, I won't get it by sitting at a desk living someone else's dream. It's ok, I'm not upset that it took me this long, because I had to learn and change my mindset over the course of 3 or 4 years so that I could attain the dream. And as my father so eloquently told me, "You're never going to be happy living someone else's dream. Stop trying to rationalize that thought process."

So here we are. What does it feel like to be "free" to have all day and any day to do everything you ever wanted? I don't know, I'm on day three of this. Frankly, however I didn't take any time away from my day job to my now freelance job, to working the entire Mile of Music festival as a dedicated media photographer, to next working locally at Harmann studio during school season and hopefully beyond part time. To at least 3 more paid photo opps this month, and a couple music gigs. I want to share with you some of photos I framed. This is the beginning of a new adventure, and you're part of the journey. Who wants to toast to that? Slainte, Prost, Na zdrowie, Cheers mate!

Of note, the Sandhill Crane and the Pollinator set 1 is spoken for (however I still wanted to show it as I can make this same version for you), all the others are for sale!

Remember your support will help me grow as a photographer, and help me grow my company. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far. I look forward to serving you and yours truly for years to come.

Also I'll have a booth at the OnBroadway Inc. igNight Market for all 3 events (8/21/21, 9/18/21, 10/16/21), so make sure to stop by and say "Hi!". Someone will be there to help me with the booth as I am also doing photography for the events. So you'll see me around. "I think I'm quite ready for another adventure." Bilbo Baggins

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