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The Biggest Lie

What is the biggest lie you tell yourself?

Really think about it, what is the one thing that when you say or think, you cringe?

For the longest time I lied to myself about my actual abilities as a person, a human, a friend, a lover, an employee. It took a lot of experiences and hitting my own rock bottom for me to realize, too much self-talk without active discipline creates arrogance and it actually allows ignorance to fester.

One of the biggest semi-lies we are taught as a society is “I think therefore I am.”

In reality, you can’t just think your way out of a situation. If we could do that we’d have found a way to solve the worlds problems.

If you don’t embrace your own humanity with humility you’ll never be content with life.

If you don’t take action beyond a thought you’ll never know what the fleeting feeling of freedom feels like. Discipline creates the breeding ground for freedom. The pier of life is only so long and death is a sea full of souls swimming to find another body to inhabit.

In short, behind all text is a simple message, “Dream. Think. Do. Become.”

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