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Questions for the Chicken - Week 5 - "Focus on the Present Moment"

This week's set of questions is a unique one that really makes me think about how in the moment I actually remain.

The questions include:

Am I keeping a sturdy mind on the track at hand?

Am I content to be clueless about things that don't matter?

What healing can philosophy help me find today?

How can I conquer my temper?

What impulses rob me of self-control?

Am I in control or is my anxiety?

Am I cultivating the invincibility or my power to choose?

This last week I learned a new term, "Locus of Control." I've been sitting on it trying to reflect on where I sit.

The basic idea is this: Locus of Control refers to an individual's perception about the underlying main causes of events in his/her life. Or, more simply: Do you believe that your destiny is controlled by yourself or by external forces (such as fate, god, or powerful others)?

There are two modalities to this, External and Internal.

Read more here:

So how does this relate to focus?

All of the questions above relate in the fact that focus is purely an internal locus of control.

If you constantly keep the mind that the external locus of control leads your life, how can you remain focused? Moreover, do you have any self-belief that you can achieve? There are certainly situations where external forces push you along, but as I've said to myself numerous times in the past few months especially as I begin and remain on this journey of being a world wide photographer "The space between is where decision lies."

A couple questions stuck out to me.

What impulses rob me of self-control?

This is a huge one. I noted in the last week how much I used to spend on alcohol and like, and I realized happiness is not a commodity. It's not something that can be bought.

Finally, I think the most important question from this week was "Am I content to be clueless about things that don't matter?"

Without question, absolutely. That which does not concern me, only clouds the mind.

Be like the bee, it has one objective in mind, find the next flower. Before you know it, you're spreading the pollen from place to place, and helping the world around you grow. Your focus will define your locus.

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