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Questions for the Chicken - Week 3 - "The Wake Up"

Ironically, this week is all about waking up. The hardest thing for many of us to do, efficiently nonetheless.

With questions such as: Am I staying the course or being steered away? What assumptions have a I left unquestioned? Am I doing work that matters? Can I find grace and harmony in places others overlook? Good or bad, high or low, do I still have choices? How can I rekindle my principle and start living today?

My breakdown for the week:

I am almost done reading a book called The Buddha And The Bad Ass. It's from author Vishen Lakhiani who began the company Mindvalley out of backroom in his father's warehouse in Malaysia. This whole book is something that speaks to my core. It touches on topics that I've pondered for a long time. I would 100% suggest you read this book if you need a different outlook on life, whether you're a business person or not. There are bosses, and leaders, and then there are silent bosses and silent leaders. People who make a difference without being in leadership roles.

I had a lot of healthy meetings this week. Meetings that stand out to me as a testament of where I am right now at this time.

By all accounts the old me would be super proud of the current me. The old me may also have scoffed at the idea of being where I am.

The lengths to which I’ve covered, the stages I’ve canvassed thus far, the life that I wanted I now have. By choice, by de facto, by force.

Every day is a learning lesson, every day is a sales day. Some days fly by, some days feel like cold molasses and no one responds to anything. Every day is a new adventure, albeit planned to a degree.

If everything passes muster tonight will be the first “big time” show I get to cover, and while I cannot share photos personally, only via the source once they’re released, it’s an opportunity that wouldn’t have come my way if I hadn’t put my proverbial feet to the ground, more like fingers to the keyboard, and asked questions to find people who can get me access and answers I didn’t have two weeks ago.

If it feels like work, it probably is.

If it feels like risk, take the chance.

Here's a paraphrased quote from the book, that I ended on last night right before going to bed, and it stuck with me heavily.

"When considering the “law of attraction” the world doesn’t give you what you want or desire. It gives you who you are. Your identity shapes your experience."

If that doesn't scream to you...I don't know what to say. Maybe you're already in that perfect place where you don't need anything else. And that's fine, I think every person has points they get to where they need to take a break. There's a reason mountains look like sine waves. In your journey you won't have the peaks without the valleys.

The tea grows where the water flows.

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