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Opening the Pineal Gland

Last week while opening my pineal gland with an amazing sunrise, I discovered the Barred Owl’s back on the road I found them on last year at Barkhuasen Nature Preserve in Green Bay, WI. Glad to see they’re back. Maybe they never left, but it was a nice surprise to say the least.

I had a lot of time to think during the sunrise, and a lot of time to just soak it all in. I came to the folllwing conclusions

They say hindsight is 20/20. However, like the future I would ask can you truly see the past in 20/20? Or is the past just as subjective as the future?

There is merit in the concept, as you can’t see how the future is aligned for you, and no matter how much planning and investment you do you can’t guarantee anything.

However, just because you can see the past doesn’t mean you truly gain a full picture of it. The path you see may not be what others see as the path. The path you believed led you to where you are may not be the path that actually led you to where you are.

Not every flight path will lead to success, and not every door that closes opens another.

If what you seek is answers, and you cannot find them, you must ask yourself if the answer seeks you back.

Featured below is the sunrise over Green Bay, and the Barred Owl.

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