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Make my way back home when I learn to fly high

Here we are. TGIF! Right?

Big plans for your weekend? I'm thinking about a time recently at a gig I had at the Porterfield Crusin' Oldies Festival.

I was at a venue backstage and there was a tiny baby bird that fell out of the nest, I could tell it was in the way of traffic (and honestly surprised it didn’t get squished sooner). Despite the fact that if I touched it mom and dad may not come to help it, I had to move it. Later in the evening it occurred to me, at some point we’re all baby birds needing to leave the proverbial nest sometimes. I mean, common thought-path, right? But what struck me is this gig was different, our sax player couldn’t make it, I had to lead the band and be both rhythm and lead. Then I got thinking about photography and how this stage of my life is different and new and I’m trying something bold. My wings aren’t fully developed, I may not know how to fly quite yet, maybe my eyes can’t fully open, I need some help eating yet.

Yet despite all that, I’ve put in the work over the last 5-6 years to really hone in my craft. Because of that I got some really big job opportunities that will help me grow exponentially I believe, those being Mile of Music and the OnBroadway IgNight Markets. I’m excited to have been selected as a photographer for these events. I’ve got a few others in the works. It feels good to see my hard work paying off so far. But I still have so much more to get done and do.

Part of me thinks this was a universal sign, maybe coincidence, if you believe in that sort of stuff. The bird was not squished, it was still alive albeit a little exhausted looking, the bird looked like it would survive, it had fluff and wings. Despite all the anecdotal evidence it should be dead, it appeared ok.

So here we are it’s Friday morning. It’s time to prune and preen the week's wounds you need to clean. Time to be consistently better, every day. Time to make an effort instead of just talking. Time to stop writing and start walking. It’s time to start learning to fly. Build those muscles because the sooner you do, the higher you go. Just like all these pelicans did not 5 minutes after I took this shot, they flew, with a stretch of the wings, and a slight running start and some water running. They flew.

Time to….

You fill in the blanks. What is something happening in your life that would make you a baby bird leaving the proverbial nest? What is something you need to do?

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