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Love is a Rusty Lock

There is a dam by me with lots of locks. There never used to be, and in the years since the new walk out pier was built people have gone to town. There’s many designs and displays of love. But it makes me wonder how many of those locks aren’t valid anymore. How relationships fade and change and become something almost unrecognizable at points. The point I suppose isn’t to grow old with someone, rather to find someone you can stay young with. The expectation that love will always be the same throughout life is a funny one. And frankly a sad one. We are meant to change. We are meant to evolve. We are meant for more than just the same thing day in and day out.

This applies to non-romantic relationships just as well. I had a friend who lived in the past constantly. Always wanting to hold onto the past. I’m not a live in the past kind of person. Regrets are far and few between, and I’ve not had the most amazing life by any standard of the word. I work, a lot. Only taken 4 legitimate what I’d consider vacations in my adult life over the course of 16 years. Life is experiences and lessons.

The past is a compass of your previous story, you can write the future however you want using any compass you seek, should you want one. Some thrive knowing directions to go and not wasting any time, others thrive knowing where the North Star is on a cloudless night with no wind to push you along.

Which brings to me to this sentiment. Life and love is a lock that rusts, a combination forgotten, a wire taut, suffering because you need to learn, however the biggest thing we must learn is that life is imperfect and everything is impermanence.

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