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Jury Duty, Newspaper Articles, Hair Salons, Fine Wine, Half Marathons - All in a Week's Work

This week I was slated to serve on jury duty, thankfully my panel never got called in. What this ultimately means is in the fine state of Wisconsin I am safe for another four years.

However, what this did do was really force me to value my day and time a little more than I have been. It gave me a reason to make sure my work was done, a reason to make sure the day's experience was lived and not forgotten in a litany of excuses and overthinking, the latter is my forte.

As I journaled this week, "Stop overthinking your way into underachieving."

And that hit. Hard. Maybe it will for you too. Maybe it won't. Ironically, I kept thinking about it, hah...but what I came to was the bricks in the face. Something I struggle with a lot, needing information to make a decision to start.

You don't need all the answers to start something. It is entirely possible to learn along the way. In fact it's going to happen regardless of how much you think you know. Generally, you will know instantly or very shortly if what you're doing is wrong. And if you don't listen to your gut what good is it then?

Want to work with a band for their promo stuff? Make friends with the band.

Want to get toned and fit out? Do it. Start somewhere. Even if you feel like a fool at the gym. Here's a fun tidbit, even the most esteemed workout person looked like a fool when they first started.

Want to photograph at a Salon, go talk to the owner!

Want to shoot at a fine dining and winemaker event? Introduce yourself to the owner of the restaurant!

Need more work, want more work? Reach out to the people who you know have it.

Want to photograph a band you like, send the email, see what happens. Like what happened for me this week, discovering my guy at MyGlobalMind knew the PR person I was talking to. I mean there's more to photographing bands on stage -- but that's for another post.

Would you believe me if I said, all of those above happened this week? Yeah, true story. Now for some business plugs:

20 Watt Tombstone - These guys are some the hardest working rockers out there. Good old rock n roll made for any soul. They'll be releasing an album soon! Follow their facebook page (linked on the name) and keep up to date. Singer Tom Jordan is someone I consider a good friend. And make friends with the local videographer who goes to almost every show. He got us into a really unique place with scenes that will never be repeated.

Tom and Mitch looking like badasses

Xperience Fitness has never let me down. Not much more to say here.

Salon Fifty Four (154 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303) is a owned by a wonderful woman Rossemary, and her team is stellar. Expect to see more content here!

Airbrushing Makeup at Salon Fify Four During Wedding Party

Three Three Five (335 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303) for the Winemaker Series featuring wines from Ink Grade Winery, and winemaker Matt Taylor. Classy food and beverages. Here's one small dish from the evening.

One of the five courses served during the Three Three Five Winemakers Series

The Business News - A very sleek website, and paper geared towards the business community for Northeast Wisconsin. My editor is consistent with giving me fun and new stories to work on. I have quite a few stories written with them, and will continue to do so. MyGlobalMind Online Magazine - I write for this publication with my music journalism pretty regularly. I truly appreciate being able to call on a man I can confidently call a friend when I see opportunities arise, and he can hook me up with an opportunity to photograph a show, or review a new album.

Just like last week's blog, "opportunities only look like opportunities in the rearview mirror."

The point is, tomorrow you could be in the jury chair or you could not, you could be making a choice about someone else's future. Seems so easy doesn't it? Judging others in the court of law where the checks and balances make your jury job not so bad.

Use the jury box energy to make a decision on something, and do it, today. Not tomorrow. You don't need anything besides a push to make a decision. And a decision is the first step. See, you already have inertia! Whose going to stop you now!

Queue Thursday morning, I was in rough shape after this week's workouts. I've been pushing and pulling HARD and doing what I can to get into muscle failure. So I woke up and felt like shit. Won't lie. I woke up at 0433, per usual, got up did my thing, sat down and didn't know I fell back asleep until 6am when the other alarm when off. Startled I had no idea where I was or that I fell asleep.

After this, I didn't want to work out at all. I spent the next hour with my beloved, and working out was the last thing on my mind. But I knew I had to do something, even a walk to get my mind moving. I started the walk, and something clicked, I started to run. It felt good. I didn't think it would. I went one mile, and decided, that I'd do the full five mile route and call it a day. At mile two and a half, I took a different turn. By mile three I had fully decided to commit to a half marathon -- unexpected, however I could change my mind if I got to mile five or six if I wasn't feeling it. Another good thing to do, keep options open. I wasn't doing it for the time. I was doing it because I had to clear my mind. After 2ish hours I finally completed the thing. Not my best time, but hey, I took my time. I gave myself the time. I allowed myself to do it. This isn't the case with everything in life, but it is when you make the choice to allow.

All in all, this last week was full of really fun moments and relationship building. All because of decisions, and helpful friends along the way who asked me to help them get things they needed. But I followed up and did my due diligence and here we are.

Here are some more of this week's captures.


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