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Critical Tasks, Inspiration from Peter McKinnon and John Grimsmo

Inspired by Peter McKinnon and John Grimsmo to start having a to do list daily. It matters. It really does. It may not be a new idea or even a revolutionary idea per se…but real practice makes real change. And don’t make them giant tasks like “finish website upgrade” make them bite sized enough that you KNOW you’ll get them done.

I am on day 30, and I have to admit it’s really helped me find focus on what actually can get done in a day, and how often I find myself doing dishes and laundry when I should be focusing on getting projects, new ones and existing ones done.

I also found out last week that my seasonal job will be letting me go this week Friday. While not unexpected it put me a weird piece of mind. I suddenly felt lost about what the daily take on life would be. The last 4 months have been a trip and I’ve learned a lot, but alas, such is life.

Then I remembered, I have my daily to do lists! My daily 8 critical tasks for things that have to get done, as much as I can. This exercise has definitely showed me where my priorities lie on the daily. And what I decidedly don’t enjoy focusing on, even if it is a priority in my life, job, career, hobby or otherwise.

Additionally, this 30 day experiment has changed the way I view things and made my productivity so much better! Can’t wait to see how different I’ll be in 60, 90, 120 days and so on!

Start your week off right. You won’t regret it.

ps - I picked up this new Lensbaby OMNI Filter Effects kit. Which allowed the cool looking effects in the shot - yes this was all straight camera, no post!

Resource Links:

I do not get paid for these. (Yet 😜)

Peter McKinnon and John Grimsmo Discussion (Watch the video here to hear how a creative thinks, most days...) -

Lensbaby OMNI Filter Kit -

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