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Chicago, Chicago That Toddlin' Town

Friends, lovers, followers...the age old adage is "It's not what you say, it's how you say it."

What matters more to you in the coming year? Tell me below if you might. Let's make it happen, together.

We all have moments of frustration where we speak like a crabby sailor who has been on the boat for months on end with no end in sight, then we have moments of true clarity. I know in the last 22 months of covid and beyond there's been a lot of the old adage being spewed and spread about. Trying to remain positive, but not so much so that you're being accused of being part of the "optimism occult." The political spectrum, the divisiveness of sides of arguments that have no end, and yet have a very defined beginning. It's a game of Monopoly, Risk and Cards Against Humanity all intertwined.

Recently the lady and I went to Chicago, she's a saint and helped in a major way for this trip. You've seen some photos, and I have to tell you as the first major trip in 22 months for both of us it was honestly super fun. Weird to think Chicago has become a major trip, and we spent less than 24 hours there. In light of all the covid stuff that was all over the news, the stores, basically everywhere...there was still a light of hope in it all. To see smiling faces, to see people enjoying themselves, to know that if even for a moment one could just briefly embrace a sense of clarity was beautiful.

Down at Giordano's Pizza across from Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower) I met the best server I think I've ever had. His name was Cortez. The way he greeted us, and all the customers was beyond exemplary. He truly loved his job, he loved being there, and serving people. His face didn't change when the people weren't looking. It was the real deal. It was a reminder that in all of the craziness we've experienced over the last year, there are good people out there who can take you from one place to another all in single sentence and transform your next hour into another world. This man did more to remind why I want to love my job than any motivation speech, podcast, or insert exercise will ever do. I am grateful for the stars aligning, and paths finally coming together for the chance I am getting to love my job as much as he did.

Chicken or the Egg Photography will become a success in 2022. It can't not. I will work with great bands, brands, and beyond.

In the coming year I really hope to travel more. I really hope that the lady can travel with me too. I have some big plans for 2022, not the least of which include some big shows I get to photograph. Bands I want to see, places I want to play with my band.

Let's make 2022 the year we see our dreams through!

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