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Are we Fire Fighters or are we Arsonists?

It’s Monday, just another manic Monday in fact.

In the rush of life we often forget to take a moment to see what’s around us. We don’t take a meditative moment to breathe in the “feels like 6 degrees F” outside because we have too much other stuff to do, to complete, to make sure happens, we have people to impress! We want that promotion because then I’ll make more money.

And then in the deep animal sanctuary of the mind I think we all just know that what we tell ourselves doesn’t always matter to others.

Social media has made the concept of overstating, oversharing, overshooting a thing…we lose ourselves in the mix. We lose our individuality because being different is being difficult. And who wants to be difficult?

I am currently on what I’d called a social media sabbatical. I am posting only to my business pages, and not posting as much, only when I feel necessary. Rather than giving the milk away for free constantly. Why would someone want to purchase my art when they can just get it for free, all the time at their will and beckoning? As my friend Rob Allen so eloquently pointed out to me.

The weird thing is, I want to stand out, I want success, however at what cost?

I spent a great deal of time doing all those “over-“ actions above and it took a toll on my mental health.

I thought I’d get lost in the mix if I didn’t post something, DAILY!!

But here I am in week three and I’m finding myself actually getting ready for more visits and business opportunities because guess what…I have the time to apply to find it!

You only get out what you put in. So are you up for the challenge of putting in effort to win the gold?

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