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"Add a Catchy Title"

Here we are, on the eve of a week that you can take or leave. We are on the edge of history going from 2020 and its literal viral issues and viral media and viral sensations to now when we can accept what comes of our future, or not, and deny what is to come for all of us. We have not only Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday the 18th, we have the presidential inauguration on the 20th. Noting of importance, the first mixed race, and female, Vice President in our country. In my lifetime I am happy to have been privilege to see now the first mixed race President, and Vice President. We can only hope for solidarity and togetherness during these times. Maybe less rule by Twitter? Maybe less censorship. Maybe less fighting. Maybe less violence. Maybe just...less? And in my little city of Green Bay, WI, our football team the Green Bay Packers have won home field advantage with the NFC Championship Game to be played in Green Bay. This is small peanuts compared to the world, and maybe not of value to most people who may read this blog entry. However, football in our city brings camaraderie, togetherness, one-ness. It brings people of any social status on the same level and brings them all to the forefront of sport and it's acumen. It brings people together to root and cheer on their team and see them win, without politics to get in the way. Sports is not escapism. I've heard that sports is escapism by many people this year, and I have to disagree. Sports, while maybe not important to some or many, isn't escapism. It's together-ism. Sports, like music and photography for me, is a passion that allows everyone involved to participate and become one. We can all love the song, we can all jump and dance to the song without the need of worrying what someone's reaction is going to be. I hope that in 2021 we can all come together and refrain from the unnecessary use of violence and condonement style attitude. We are all human, we all have feelings and we all have opinions. If there's one thing 2020 taught us, we ALL have opinions, and we ALL think they're important. Here's to winning in 2021! I can't wait to see us at the end of the year, how far we will have come. How much we will have won. How we will all be able to celebrate the NYE of 2022 with our friends and families, fans and bands and shows and sail into 2022 with glorious view.

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