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A Gratitude Journal

Flip the script. Don't be upset that you HAVE to, embrace you that you GET to.

The fireworks from the downtown of Green Bay. Shot for OnBroadway, Inc.

This week's very short theme is all about embracing that "get to" attitude. Because every so often we need that reminder as entrepreneurs that we get to live the life we chose. Not everyone gets that chance, some people go their whole lives without thinking they can take a chance, and other people flat out never get the chance because of life circumstances.

Some highlights for the last couple weeks and one for the upcoming week...

- I successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for my best friend and better half Melanie

- I got to shoot a friends wedding, and they LOVED the photos. See the photo in this area.

- I got to take photos of kittens so they may find their forever homes

- I got approval to shoot Dream Theater, Devin Townsend and Animals as Leaders in Oshkosh. All three of these groups are truly amazing, and Tosin is a guitar god! This will be a fun one to shoot.

- I got to take photos of the Friday's on the Fox event and wouldn't you know it was super fun.

- I got to interview a young entrepreneur with a bright idea that's usually done in the southern states, but he's making it work! And of course write an article for The Business News on a new small business that is booming, in a business that you'd never expect, check out Northwoods Bin Cleaners LLC. He cleans garbage and recycling bins at a very reasonable rate in the northeast Wisconsin area. A service you don't know you need until you see, and smell, the difference.

- I got to take photos of the Green Bay Civic Symphony the airport inside a hanger and walk around on the usually high secured area of airport. There were hundreds of people at this event.

- I got to take photos of my friend Veronica for her birthday, and we had a ton of fun at a place neither of us really have been to.

- I got to get on top of the roof downtown and get some really cool shots of fireworks. This would normally not happen but because of connections and trust factors it did. See the header image for this blog and that's the image I got.

- I GET to be at the Tough Mudder and Toughest Mudder this coming weekend to shoot photos at the event. I've been looking forward to this event for a few months.

- I GET to be a part of 14-15 photo shoots this month that I scheduled myself, and they're not all event shoots. My business model is changing rapidly and it feels good.

- I GOT to enjoy the beach with Melanie for a few hours and do some real honest business journaling. Things I haven't been able to focus on as my mind hasn't been in that place. It felt good to revisit the 15 questions I reviewed at the beginning of the year.

All in all, switch your mindset, shift your mind, breathe before you speak, whatever you want to call it, whatever action you feel you must take.

Embrace the "GET to", because there are plenty of people who "HAVE to do" plastered all over their life and their mission which is why they may feel there is no purpose to what they are doing.

So my fellow chickens, what do you get to be a part of this month that you're grateful for?

- Chris


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