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Questions for the Chicken - Week 1 - "If I don't control what happens to me, what is left?"

The simple question response is..."do I even have control to begin with?"

The answer is yes, we all have control of the space between the action and the reaction.

My initial thought as I woke up after nightmares was, "I become a slave to someone else's beckoning. I cease to exist as a sole. And then to question, is a soul the same as a sole?"

On the other hand, Lao Tzu would say to be like water, or smoke, and let the flow go where it will. Sometimes the answer is letting go, which is hard when you're a person who prefers control (experience speaking...), or at least some semblance of it. However letting go has proven to be exactly what I needed in the past.

This begs the question who becomes more successful? The controller or the free-flowing mind? Some planning is required, yes, but to what degree. If you only ever put the minimal effort in, do you get minimal results? Lao Tzu would say "Don't force something. Let it happen, in due time, if it will." Truthfully, for me this is an incredibly difficult concept to accept. Maybe back when he was around times were different, maybe they weren't. In any case, of all the Taoist concepts, to be flowing is difficult for me.

Schedules, calendars, to do's have become my life. Being intentional, maybe rather than "controlling", so that I have hopeful outcomes in my favor so I can make a dream become a reality. Working to get business has become my life. There's little I can do to just be flowing water, I have to push in certain directions at times.

I am then left with the question, am I the water flowing or the rock bed changing?

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